Demo of Customizable Wagner ESP using d3-geo

Projections with equally spaced parallels (along the central meridian)


This is a demo of the Customizable Wagner, using the d3-geo scripts with
Frančula XII, optimization of the American Polyconic. Minimum distortion according to the Airy-Kavraiskiy criterion.

Böhm Notation of this example: ampo@53-45-212-78. Show in WVG-ESP.

For more information about Wagner’s transformation method, read this blogpost or the notes at the Wagner Variations Generator (WVG-7) or the article Das Umbeziffern – The Wagner Transformation Method.

HTML/JavaScript source code for this example

        <div id="svgs" class="svg-container"></div>
    var width = 1000,
        height = 660;

    var projection = d3.geoWagnerEquallySpacedParallels()
        .translate([width / 2, height / 2.2])

    var path = d3.geoPath()

    var graticule = d3.geoGraticule()

    var svg ="#svgs").append("svg")
        .attr("id", "image_PID_")
        .attr("preserveAspectRatio", "xMinYMin meet")
        .attr("viewBox", "0 0 1000 660")
        .classed("svg-content", true)

        .datum({type: "Sphere"})
        .attr("id", "sphere")
        .attr("d", path);

        .attr("class", "stroke")
        .attr("xlink:href", "#sphere");

        .attr("class", "fill")
        .attr("xlink:href", "#sphere");

        .attr("class", "graticule")
        .attr("d", path);

    d3.json("world-50m.json").then(function(json) {
        world = json;
        svg.insert("path", ".graticule")
            .attr("class", "land")
            .attr("d", path);
    });'#svg').style("height", height + "px");

Source code of d3-geo-projection.umbeziffern.rfc.js

View/Download d3-geo-projection.umbeziffern.rfc.js


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